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Date:2007-06-13 16:49

Morning tranquility shattered by screams in the field. I am once again brought back to the room... away from my sweet escape, away from my fantasies.

Same ceiling, same fan, same fluorescent lights, same bed... same old me.

I glance to my left... plain wall. I glance to my right... plain wall. I sit up and turn around, sweeping through the whole room, hoping to see something out of ordinary. Alas, it is but the same old room that I have been residing in.

And then I go back into my cocoon, lay in fetal position and whisper to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I don't have to wake up forever...", then close my eyes...

Once more, I'm back flying in the Kingdom of Sky along with the angels...


Date:2006-09-07 13:21
Subject:Of when to blurt and when not to

I stumbled upon this when I was happily surfing Lowyat forum searching free entertainments.

"why m'sia need nuke energy? because want to build Nuke weapon? because m'sia is the leader for the OIC? or monkey see monkey do, just follow the iran doing now? is this because of the religion?

yes, maybe m'sian need the nuke weapon when a inner war among m'sian is happen like the past 513 incident. because what happen now and what happen at the past is happening now. What the UMNO youth doing is about the same old thing the past a month before the old 513 incident. some poeple trying hard to recreate a new 513 incident in m'sia."

And I thought Mat Rempit rebranding speech by our uncle Khairy can't possibly be outclassed.

To view the full glory of this person's random idiotic blurtings,proceed to http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=333734.


Date:2006-09-04 12:48
Subject:3rd week....
Mood: calm

3 weeks in Singapore,I'm getting used to the life here.

Parents came to visit on Saturday,and I almost worshipped my brother for bringing the animes,songs and television series.Not that it'll stop my rotting,at least it'll delay the rotting a bit. =P

My cousin who stays here brought us around and her husband was practically our tourist guide.And I had the best dinner since I got here,BBQ chicken pizza and Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad at Spagheddi!!And I must say,the service industry in Singapore is waaaaaaayyyy better than Malaysia,you do feel like a king(or queen) to a certain extent.People bowing and smiling and thanking you when you enter or leave their restaurant,Malaysians will probably pie your face if you expect those from them.

Mum insisted that I get a fridge to store fruits,fearing that my diet will damn me into the oblivion of eternal constipation.She even asked if I crap everyday(in case you're wondering,I'm not suffering from constipation)!!!

Got myself an electric kettle as well,hot Milo here I come!!! XP

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Date:2006-08-25 22:26
Subject:On how did I end up in NTU...

Well,since I've not been updating for a long time,I suppose I owe you guys a story.

Before I took my A-level final exam,a few friends and I submitted our applications to NTU using our forecast results.We were hopeful because our lecturers were very optimistic with us and gave us straight A's for our forecast results.And so we sent in our applications,eagerly awaited good news from NTU.That was March.

2 months had passed and still there was no reply from NTU.We felt that it was strange because we were told that the applications would take 2 weeks to be processed,and when Singaporeans say that,we take their words for it(unlike some of our Malaysian counterparts).So one of my friends emailed them,to which they replied,much to our chagrin,that they would only make an offer when they receive our actual results.

Before I continue,there are some things needed to be explained.NTU starts the term on the first week of August,and I would receive my A-level results on the 7th August.Naturally this bothered me a lot as I don't intend to miss any lectures,and there would be a lot of procedures to be completed after I accept their offer.All those procedures would have to be done in a rush to minimise the amount of lectures I would miss.

So I'd decided to forego the option and pushed that into the back of my mind.Then came the A-level final examination.Chemistry was fairly easy because I had all the drillings from the tuition classes I attended.I had left a few answers blank for Physics but I felt that I did well for the parts that I had answered,thanks to the immense effort from my physics lecturer Mr Kingsley.I could not thank him enough for all the effort he had put into us.Math was very easy.The big surprise came from Further Math,I had not expected to be able to answer almost all the questions.A great achievement for me to have left only 2 minor parts out of 22 questions altogether.

We organised a trip to Redang after our exams and had immense fun during our stay.University was probably lightyears away from my mind then.When I got back,my parents started to nag me about university applications(since I told them I intend to forego NTU).So I submitted an application to Nottingham University(Semenyih campus,not UK =P),along with a reference letter from my mentor(who apparently couldn't find any nice words for me and decided to stick with something that deviates very much from the real me).1 week later I received a conditional offer from Nottingham University(pretty efficient I must say,or maybe they're desperate to recruit more students?=P).I was given one week to reply to the offer,since I was 80% sure about going to Nottingham University,I accepted the conditional offer and proceeded to apply for hostel.

Fast forward to July,I went to Mid Valley with a few other friends of mine to attend a job briefing on the Pooh's Anniversary Event,hoping to earn some pocket money.The job required us to be in Mid Valley from 19th August until 27th August,9am till 10pm.I didn't hesitate to give my details,that's when my friends knew I'd given up on NTU.When another friend of mine(who applied to NTU also) found out,he persuaded me to go on with the application.After all,why forego the chance to get a feel of actual campus life in a foreign country at a much cheaper price?(Not to mention I'd paid RM30 for the application fee =P)Once again,NTU was back into my first option.

7th August,the day that all of us had anticipated with excitement.We went to the college to collect our results(I knew my results before I collected it,mum's friend who's a lecturer there  called and broke the news).Straight A's(unless you consider general paper,then it's 4A's and 1B =P),a day to celebrate indeed.We sent our actual results to NTU that evening and expected to get the offer one week later.Surprise surprise,the offer came on the next day!!I was the first one to find out that we got offered places in NTU.Excited,I called other friends who applied to check their emails,all of us were accepted!!!And all of us were invited to their scholarship interview on 11th August(Friday)!!

Now,this didn't come as a surprise to my fellow friends,but it certainly was a surprise for me.I didn't apply for scholarship when I submitted my application.I'd decided not to accept their offer first,and told myself that I would only accept the offer if I get the scholarship.However I was skeptical because of the short notice,but my mum gave me the thumbs up.She told me not to go with pressure and take this whole thing as an experience.And so we made a hasty departure on Wednesday night to Singapore,my friends with the hope of getting all the procedures done as soon as possible,me with the intention of clarifying my doubts and go through the interview.

We arrived on Thursday morning and received a lot of assistance from the helpful staffs in NTU(a big thumbs up there).I've accepted the offer with my parents' consent when I was in their office because I wanted to get the procedures done as soon as possible should I decide to settle with NTU.Besides,I didn't need to pay anything if I withdraw in 2 weeks time.So I ended up rushing about the whole day for my birthday.I had to rush so much that at one point I was thinking if all these was worth it.

I broke down on the next morning,yes you heard me right,I cried on Friday morning when I received an sms from my brother wishing me happy belated birthday.At that point,I missed home,I missed my friends,I missed everything that was familiar to me,I would've celebrated my birthday with my friends and would attend A-level ball organised by my college on that night if I didn't go to Singapore.I'd sacrificed all that and I wasn't even sure if I was going to study in NTU!!

I was going to give up,but the interview was still waiting for me and that was the very reason I made the hasty departure for Singapore in the first place.So I told myself to get it over with and go back to Malaysia on that night.The interview was surprisingly unlike other scholarship interviews,it was more like a chat.Seriously,the interviews made me feel right at home,there wasn't any academic question at all,it's as though we were mindlessly chatting away.That instantly lifted the pressure from me and before I knew it,I was making the joke about my dad discouraging me from becoming a doctor.I felt a lot better after the interview,but that didn't stop me from thinking about withdrawing.The only thought I had then was to get home as soon as possible,back to where I belong.

However,the final decision came during that afternoon.The staffs at the admission office were frantically searching for us,and when they saw me(my friends went to get their medical checkup done),they broke the good news to me.I'VE GOT ASEAN UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP!!!That hammered the last nail into the coffin,the coffin which harboured the thought of withdrawing from NTU,and finally I was at peace,I knew that NTU would be the place I'd pursue my higher education.That night I went back to my home with a light heart,and my mind was focused on what to pack for NTU.

The rush was worth it afterall.


Date:2006-08-24 12:01
Subject:So I'm now in Singapore...

Right,so it has been a good old five months since I last updated my LJ.

I'm still alive and kicking thank you. =P

In case you're wondering where I am,I'm in Singapore.Nanyang Technological University,to be more exact.

Doing what you ask.Studying,of course,engineering.

I haven't exactly decide which engineering to stream into,but currently considering mechanical engineering.Ah well,I still have 1 year before I need to decide. =)

And I'm so so sorry to those who have frantically searched for me,trying to get to me on my birthday but failed.I am a late entry into the university due to the fact that I got my A-level actual result like two weeks ago,so I had to rush to Singapore on Wednesday night(9/8/2006) and spent the whole day of my birthday processing my applications.Apologies for those who intend to celebrate with me but disappointed in the end.(But I suppose you guys were too busy to celebrate with me anyway right? =P)

I've snapped a few pictures and will snap even more pictures on this Saturday night,when the merdeka night event will be held by the Malaysian Students Association of my university.Will upload them by this weekend.Stay tuned. =)

Oh and in case you miss me and want to see my face and hear my voice so badly(I know I'm narcist =P),I'll be back for one week on 23rd September.

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Date:2006-03-21 18:39
Mood: depressed

I sometimes envy you people.You have your own passions,you know what you want(at least many of you do).

Me?I don't have a passion whatsoever to talk about.Nothing....nothing that I can be passionate about,not my studies,not my hobbies.Nothing that can make me go crazy about,nothing that can make me scream and dream about it.Nothing....NOTHING.I'm just another hollow shell,walking zombie,waiting to pass on.

I regret deeply that I've not spend enough time with my old friends.Not enough to create an impression.To you,I probably am just another stranger from a distant past.I hate myself for not putting in any effort to maintain the friendships that I had.

I've virtually lost all contact with my old friends(you included) for the past few months.I'm not even sure of what to talk about should I see you face to face.

I can't take it anymore...I really can't....

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Date:2006-03-05 13:46
Subject:Uni applications
Mood: busy

Mum's getting impatient nowadays because I'm still dilly-dally about my uni applications.

So I went to the education fair in PWTC and got the ball rolling.Being cheap as I am I hitched my friend's ride to KL(partly due to the fact that driving a manual car in KL on a Saturday is a big no-no).We almost got lost in PWTC(yeah,we have no sense of direction,either that or the directory system in Malaysia is as good as our public toilet) without realising that the flight of stairs that led to the edu fair was in fact right in front of the entrance =.=.

Since most of my friends are considering NTU(me included),naturally we went to the NTU booth first.Their admission requirement is 3A's for A-level,and qualification for scholarship......let's just say it's beyond mere mortal's reach(by mere mortal,I mean me).

Fine,fat chance of getting scholarship from NTU.At least it's not as expensive as going to UK or Aussie.However,chances are I won't get a place in NTU.

No big deal really.After all,I prefer going to UK or Aussie(the result of spending my entire lifetime in a tropical country =P).Since my parents can afford sending me over to UK for one year or Aussie for 2 years,why not?

So,off I go to find out about Nottingham University.Admission is not a problem for me(3B's),obtaining their scholarship is also not a problem for me(2A's 1B),and their campus in Semenyih looks damn fine to me(better than Sunway at least,and Sunway is the only college in Subang that actually looks like a college).Fees - 30k per year in Malaysia,90k per year in UK.My parents will definitely be more interested to persuade me to do 3+0 in Nottingham should I enroll there.

I've found out about Monash the previous week so there's no need to visit its booth in the edu fair.While my friends were still inquiring the details for chemical engineering course in Nottingham Uni,I went on ahead to Inti.Apparently the last year of engineering course must be spent in UK if you're taking engineering course in Inti - absolute 90k gone for one year at least.According to them,UK unis will raise their tuition fees by 5% each year on average.Great,now it's a sure 100+k gone for one year.Same goes for Nottingham,if I manage to persuade my parents to send me to UK.Funny how they casually left that out when I asked about the tuition fees.

But the most attractive part of Inti is that you'll only need to pay 28k in the 2 years you study in Malaysia.That's 14K PER YEAR!!!Hell,it's cheaper than pasar malam clothes should this whole edu fair turn into pasar malam.That aside,scholarship is just a one go thing.They will only give you a 40% tuition fees rebate upon entry if you fulfill the requirements and that's about it.Guess you can't get the best deals on both ends.

We went back at 3pm and took a light snack at McD SS15(light snack = McValue McChicken regular).Met Justin there,who apparently had a long holiday and is going to Monash.


I'm going to apply to those 3 uni,maybe Inti as well.


Date:2005-12-19 01:04

I am a pessimist.
And now I'm lost without purpose.

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Date:2005-10-23 23:08
Subject:All the likely questions answered....
Mood: distressed

Just here to say that I'm still alive and almost dying kicking.

Yes,my name's De Zien

No,I don't have an English name that you can easily remember me by

Yes,I'm still that same old form 5 wacky nerd that you guys know

No,my haircut is different now,creepier in fact...

No,I didn't forget you all....how could I?

Yes,I'm a lazy bastard but I didn't update my journal not because I'm lazy....I'm busy

No,technically,I'm not having holiday now....I'm having study break,but feel free to call me if you are up to something

Yes,I'm having a major examination now....and it'll end on 17th November

No,my holiday doesn't start on the 17th....it starts in December

Yes,if you have further questions,feel free to leave a comment

See you around

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Date:2005-08-11 05:21
Subject:18 years old

Wednesday,10th August 2005 was quite a memorable day.

After my classes yesterday,I went to Sunway Pyramid because there was an archery competition held by the archery club of my college.One of my friends was announcing my birthday to everyone present and they sang me birthday song when I least expected it.Didn't know how to react for a while....=P.

I was very grateful that there are old friends who called or smsed to wish me a happy birthday,especially pravoxian and </span>aevuela,who called even though they're very busy with their own tasks.However,</span>skoban gave me a pleasant surprise when he wished me on LJ.Thank you peeps for making yesterday a wonderful day!!


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Date:2005-07-08 14:33
Subject:A little Ray of sunshine....
Mood: chipper

I was online 2 days ago.....as usual goofing around in the vast void of internetsearching for porn when our dear friend,Raymond(5 Zeta Raymond) came online.Since he hasn't been online lately,I engaged a conversation with him and to my pleasant surprise,he's back in Malaysia already!And he'll be staying for 2 months(tough luck for me,he'll be joining my birthday bash)!!Anyway,we'll be going out later for dinner and I'll have a lot to catch up with him....

And guess who did I see last Saturday?

Puan Sherily!!!Well,I was buying some stationary in a shop and there she was with her family.She looks healthy and is expecting.I guess she's probably overcome her cancerous cells already.We chatted for a while,and I had to leave because I'd got the stationaries that I needed....wish I could stay longer and met her at some other place instead,where we could've sit and talked longer.

That's about it for now.....for those who wants to know whether I'm still alive....I am still alive. =P

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Date:2005-06-08 09:46
Mood: crazy

I won't go for the tag 5 friends thing since most of those in my friend's list has been tagged by you guys*sigh*

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

1.Watch anime and most recent shows from US(worships broadband)
2.Listening to my iPod(but the thought of having spent all my money to buy iPod last year brings my blood pressure level to where it was)
4.Chatting with my friends through MSN(get to bitch about some stuff)
5.Cycling(I wonder how many times have I passed by your houses...)

And I've been staying home too long for my own good,been thinking a lot of things that I shouldn't really be thinking of.And dreaming too much as well. :P


Date:2005-06-01 00:39
Mood: chipper

Holiday holiday holiday.....couldn't have come at any better time.

Anyways,on a project to reorder my room....which means there'll be a lot of shopping for furniture and stuffs.

Already I've got this lovely table from IKEA last Saturday and had it set up the next day.It's a painful process of having a dominatrix whipping me while I used the Force to nab the nuts into the wood screwing in the nuts thanks to the design of the table.

Now I need book rack and some ideas to decorate my room with flowers and flowery designs make my room look good.

Despite that and the fact that I need the break,this holiday is still a little boring.I have a pathetic social life...I know.Well,in case any of you are short of a clown to sing the Holy Mama Cow Symphony while doing the Rain Dance 'kaki' for an outing,don't hesitate to call me.

Just wondering,who wants to watch Madagascar?

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Date:2005-05-25 19:47
Mood: cranky

First day of the test......already I felt like a nuthead waiting to screw up every paper available....

GP was not too bad....just that I wasn't sure of the facts that I've written down.
"Are insects a mere nuisance?" - I was such a "genius" to pick that topic to write.....damn the cockroach that was crawling right under the table this morning when I was eating breakfast.

Pure Maths.....no comments.I'll be waiting for my lecturer to "hentam" me for the silly mistakes that I've made in the test,which will most probably take place after my semester break.Given his absolute mastery in sarcasm,I may not be able to survive this.

Next paper to screw up : Chemistry

I just hope I'll be able to stay alive for the semester break

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Date:2005-04-30 22:16
Subject:No such thing as friendly match.....
Mood: bitchy

It's only a 16 minutes game,and I fell at least 5 times,suffered a few bruises and aching ankles

It's a pain in the ass when the opponents are aiming at you when they're tackling you,not the ball....

Now,excuse me while I limp away to steal the picture of their team taken yesterday and throw darts at them...


Date:2005-04-12 20:32
Mood: Left leg+Manual car=Tired

Tired legs......and it's only Tuesday!!!
The agony of driving a manual car......alright alright,skip the agony part...

It's been quite a while since I've last updated.....celebrated Vernon's birthday on 3rd April,the celebration of which our dear  aevuela decided to "cabut" from for the simple reason that there weren't enough girls.Poor Joanne,who had to bear with 7guys for a few hours.....

Had our lunch in Pizza Hut and later played snooker with </span>dark_orb and Vernon.....showed my  "skills" perfectly  =P.After that we watched "Miss Congeniality 2"......it was an ok show,couldn't break the vicious fate that most sequels had.....

On the previous Sunday,my friend Wai Seng had a birthday celebration as well,which took place in Red Box of Sunway Pyramid.......Weng Keong,a classmate of mine,was singing at the top of his lungs and it was as though he would chew the microphone then and there.
Collin on the other hand,were tapping and singing along with us,but dared not to take over the microphone and amuse us with his voice.....I was forced to take over the microphone for a while as well......but the result didn't turn out as I hoped for....there was no RAIN!!
Guess what was the bill?

RM430!!!One glance at the slip and I felt the amount that I payed,RM40,was not worthy at all......RM35 on the TIDBITS alone!!!And mind you,we HAD to take the tidbits....talking about ripping others off....so guys....never,ever....celebrate your birthday whatsoever in Red Box.....especially when you're the only one who's footing the bill.

And recently,I've become quite a few persons' driver......have to fetch Mei Chiin,an unwanted passenger,my classmate,to college every morning now especially after she had "accidently" ended up in KL due to the inability of some policemen.

Today,during my mentor-mentee session,I had to make 2 trips just to get everyone to Pyramid......and the journey from my college to Pyramid is never joyous thanks to the idiotic roadbumps along the way.....my car took a few beatings from the bumps as well because my friends were all crammed in my car....

Wondering what we did in Pyramid?Ice creams!!!!My mentor decided to "treat" us,provided that we do something else in return,which he hasn't decide.Anyway,my mentor also decided to be funny and showed us his "party trick",which involved him trying to swallow a whole scoop of ice cream and later spit it out back in one piece.The ice cream was deformed,so were our facial expressions......guys were laughing and digusted at the same time while girls......well,they weren't watching actually,since they were pretty much occupied with the Malaysian Ice Skating representative on the skating ring....

I'm beginning to miss you guys now......maybe we should organise a sort of outing on a weekend and get together.....any ideas anyone?

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Date:2005-03-25 15:44
Subject:I'm Back!!!!With Some Pics!!!

It's been a while since I've last updated.....and as promised to  aevuela.....

</span>Pictures!!Collapse )

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Date:2005-03-10 22:58
Subject:SPM SPM SPM......
Mood: cheerful

English - 1A (GCE O Level - 2A)
Add Maths - 1A
Mod Maths - 1A
History - 1A
Chemistry - 1A
Physics - 1A
EST - 1A
Accounts - 1A
BM - 2A
Chinese - 2A
Moral - 3B

10 A's and 1 B

It's a great day today indeed

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Date:2005-03-10 09:11
Subject:Feel free to answer them

1. Who are you?

2. Are we friends?

3. When and how did we meet?

4. Do you have a crush on me?

5. Would you kiss me?

6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

7. Describe me in one word.

8. What was your first impression?

9. Do you still think that way about me now?

10. What reminds you of me?

11. If you could give me anything what would it be?

12. How well do you know me?

13. When's the last time you saw me?

14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

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Date:2005-03-04 17:45
Subject:Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!
Mood: energetic

10th March......Thursday

Thursday is d-day.....

The day that makes or breaks us......

The day that one celebrates in extreme joy and another deep in sorrow.....

The day we'll be seeing familiar old faces once again after 3 months....

The day we receive our SPM results!!!!!!!

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